Jeffrey B. Savoie, CPA

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey B. Savoie, CPA, is a highly skilled senior leader with extensive experience in corporate finance, management, governance and strategic counsel. He co-founded e6 International, a full-service fractional CFO company, offering tailored finance and management solutions across multiple industries and with various client groups.  These clients include high-net-worth individuals, businesses, government organizations, and investment funds.

Jeffrey’s approach to financial management is informed by his educational background in biochemistry and business.  This unique combination of disciplines allows him to analyze complex situations, test from different perspectives and devise innovative solutions. While his heart is firmly rooted in the Atlantic Canadian region, his international experience living in Denmark and his passion for travel has fostered a multifaceted dimension to his understanding of cultures, markets, and business opportunities.

Jeffrey B. Savoie’s broad experience, commitment to client success, and unique approach to finance and management make him a significant asset to businesses seeking growth, profitability, and innovative financial strategies.

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